with: is there a hotline?, mara schwerdtfeger,π.ο. performed live on the 2nd of december at lebowskis

Is There A Hotline?

Avid ‘flow’ practitioners and DIY enthusiasts Jen Tait and Jen Callaway call out to the cosmos using an assemblage of percussive objects and electronica, evoking transportive atmosphere, psychic storms and quiet retreats.


Mara Schwerdtfeger

Mara is a musician and composer from Sydney, currently based in Melbourne. She records and produces her own music blending acoustic and electronically mixed sounds with delicate vocals to create a lush sound-scape.

Working with a variety of instruments from viola, guitar, harmonium and omnichord to electronically manipulated sounds, mara also likes to sample sounds she uncovers while travelling. Her music has been described as having “shimmering spaciousness” and “clean and detailed production skills” (Spirit Level).



π.ο. Born: Greece 1951 Came to Australia 1954 Raised: Fitzroy (inner suburb of Melbourne). Occupation: draughtsman. BIG NUMBERS is his new and selected poems, while FITZROY – The Biography (740 pages) is his latest book of poems. He has represented Australia at the International Poetry Festival in Medellin in Colombia in 1997, the Weltklang Festival in Berlin 2003, Bangkok 2004 + 2005, and toured the USA (16 cities) in 1985. Was poet in Residence at University of Wollongong in 2004. By disposition and history is an Anarchist, and is currently editor of the experimental magazine UNUSUAL WORK.

line 5 was curated by ben sendy-smithers, ruben stoney and daniel ward.

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