with: kat capel, kirby casilli, ben sendy-smithers, ruben stoney, daniel ward

kat capel

there was a time when I lived in a basement
I know this makes it sound like I am somewhat deprived or unfortunate
I don’t want to deceive you – I am not
In full disclosure, I have some kind of inheritance
lots of loyal friends, some of them in medium to high places
and a waterfall in my room
people have a lot of misconceptions about people like me
I guess because I am a trans masc non binary lesbian gym junkie
casual user cyclist whore socialite mourner poet people tend to feel like they know me.
I think a part of this is because of my honesty
It’s a huge part of my personality you see
I like to think I put everything out on the table like a cheese platter
the brie would be my insecurities
the blue my kinks
the quince my adventurous streak
the grapes, they’re the people I’ve loved
and the knife…. well I think that’s my body
I really like to believe that the reason why I get along with everybody is because
I’m spread wide open like a jumping castle
people don’t necessarily gasp when I enter the room
but they tend to trust me with their secrets without knowing why
you know that radar that goes off when you meet a troublemaker
when you meet somebody who could fuck up your life
nobody gets that with me
when I am drunk and pissing at parties
people burst in and make their confessions one by one

kirby casilli

New Recording 69.














hiiiiiiah ah    ye he ye he 

ooooooooooooooooooo wa wa 

stopping from falling

from falling falling 

falling falling fallllllll-inggggg

away ayyyyyyyyy falling falling 

falling-inggggggggg awwayyyyy

from falling falling 

falling away from falling 

fall-ing fall-ing away!!!!!!!


from falling falling way 

fallinggggggg away now 

each and every single 

time IIIIIIIIIIIIII die, each 

and every single time I 

fall-allllllll away away 

away away 

In the nightime i cry for you 

and the way it is is the 

way it is and the way it is is 

the way it is is the way 

i see a damaged thing 

away on the other side

i see a little damaged thing 

all the way on the other side 

yeah i started to believe you yeah

i started to believe you 

yeah i started to think what 

would you do, but now i cannot see 

I just can't speak about it 

I just can't speak about it 

I just can't speak about it 

anymore, I just can't 

speak about it, 

cannot speak 

in the nightime i cry 

in the nightime i cry for you 

aren't here anymore 

in the nightime i cry 

in the nightime i cry 

in the nightime i cry for you 

and the way it is is the 

way it is, is the way 

is the wayeeee 

is thr way 

is the way is 

the way is the 

is the way 

is the 


and i just wanna 

fall apart, and I just wanna 

fall apart and i just wanna 

fall apart in your arms 

with weeeeeth, weeeth with with with 

weeeeth weeeeeeth weeeeth weeeeeth 

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeth weeeeeeeth 

ruby lee words in response to audio works titled ‘itch’ (2019) and ‘non-events’ (2015) released as ‘malleu’

sounds of worn skins, the objects and tones from rooms lived.a computer and digital lens.human skin, clothing, hair and nails given to a computer.cut and mash.strip all human and generate by chance.resonance, given, to a computer to again evolve, shift and change by chance.numbers falling into slots.non-events and a performance of non-actions.

daniel wardexcerpt from ‘The Room Is’ – a group exhibition featuring work from erin hallyburton, stephanie hosler, ruben stoney and daniel ward

i love the ghost

an arm becomes useful when
and i was to believe that an idea
was always a question
to be ful later –
that meant intergenerational hoarding
of the body and ideas
i got tired of mentioning the body
but often we hold into the rest
so i force
you offering
the you off
i am going to call the old you the
brave you and promise to talk about nothing but yourself

rain is good because it stops us from measuring
i want to be good like rain
i really like the feeling of off guard
eye contact with an actor of living
like ernest sex
the rippling of suburb road to slow the wheels down
like the body inertia a meeting may change speed, time, resistance, direction
i mean eyes
you do not need to know the physics to
be held in fear or love
what does the exhaust of panic look like
the iron and alcohol of joy

to be complete, a submerged and quiet autonomy
in total would
accelerated to the unclear full
of your capacity
a stranger you know
a politician of intimacy
becomes a major point of conversation
a metal curling
planted privately and seldom spoken

it can be
an arousing proposition
to be asked in the morning
of and under your concerns

‘if you want to learn about how everything is connected in
the whole world
touch somebody’s back
and help relieve tension’

the construction of the own please walk into sun the would and try
and it will try to tell you how and that the future exists
sell me the future we are trying to
and i want to remember how to convince myself of a fiction
where the future was –
proud goal
it is better to ask what does not
remove me from my own body than what does
the body means need as it does idea
like an idea the body is defensive
a guard and reward of heat
a real punch-up
but i do not want to hurt a body
and this is the difference i have found
the distance

sustained shock as a defence mechanism
projects action into idea again
builds a person out of it;
country music, badboy, prophet, martyr
we are all country music
we all love rain
we are all morning be
a complement of avoidance
a terrifying deceit of continuity