with: emily bennett, majella and sage pbbbt

memo share archive #3 

a collection of practice, performance, listening, silence, thoughts, diaries, idea sharing, readings, protests, dilemmas, concerns, realisations, unlearnings.

00:00:00 – Emily Bennett – A growth mindset

00:19:11 – Majella

00:39:03 – Sage Pbbbt
I’ve kept an (almost) daily collection of sketches of my singing practice since 2013. This has mostly consisted of daily improvisations, some explorations of newly discovered techniques and generally playing around with different singing ideas. My improvisation practice is influenced by meditation in the sense of striving to accept what arises. No ‘wrong’ sounds. Just unexpected sounds; trying to cultivate a practice which can accept whatever arises. Despite this large collection of recordings, I haven’t ever shared my technical warm-ups. Strangely, recording some of my practicing of new techniques (mixed with more established ones) felt vulnerable and intimate in a way that I hadn’t felt for some time with sharing recordings of my work. The ‘daily sketches’ do not have to live up to anything–I just explore something every day in sound. But sharing my technical explorations and failures–recordings the sounds that I cannot-quite-make-yet–felt confronting in an unexpected way.

line 11 was curated by ben sendy-smithers, ruben and daniel ward.