line is a podcast-based project that explores spoken word, experimental music, and a range of somatic and performative exercises across multiple disciplines. the project includes a lineup of guests curated for each episode. the two main ways in which this manifests are: public events – in which each artist performs their work live in front of an audience – which are recorded and posted online as an episode of the podcast; and “memo share” episodes, in which recording devices are distributed to each artist who then creates a sound work using them. our intention is to offer a platform for thinkers, critics and artists of varying disciplines to experiment with or showcase new aspects of their practices.

line is facilitated on land that was stolen from the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation and sovereignty has never been ceded, we pay our respects to elders past and present, it is important to always be thinking about how we as settlers and non-indigenous people can pay the rent for these lands on which we live and work, below are some links to help you get started on that:



by listening to line you are supporting the independent and experimental arts. at current line only has the capacity to pay artists who appear on the live audience episodes. in those cases it is a small payment which comes from door takings and is often subsidised by the organisers.

if you feel like supporting and help fund line you can do so via: